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1) Transformers
2) Automatic Voltage Regulators
3) Panels P.C.B, M.C.C. and D.B
4) Substation Designing.
5) Technological Consultancy

Accessories as provided as per IS. Extra Accessories can be provided as per clientís requirement or specification.

Every Transformer manufactured by us undergoes routine testing as per IS-2026/1977 and are conducted by our in house technicians with high precision instruments. Type test like Temperature rise test is also conducted in house. Test like Impulse Voltage Withstand, Short Circuit Withstand,Tan Delta, Noise Level etc are routine tested as per IS 11171/IS2026.
(i) Ratio
(ii) Load Loss
(iii) Impedance
(iv) No Load Loss
(v) Applied Potential
(vi) Exciting Current
(vii) Induced Potential
(viii) Resistance
(ix) Insulation Resistance
Type Tests like Heat Run Test, Basic Impulse Test, Dynamic Short Circuit and Partial Discharge may be carried out at an extra cost.

All our products have a one and a half year warranty from the date of despatch or one year from the date of commissioning (which ever is earlier). Our team of engineers also ensure proper technical feedback and consultancy from time to time.

Constructional Features
HT side windings are done with adequate end-turn reinforcements ensuring extra strength. Before assembly, windings are preshrunk and impregnated under vacuum with hot varnish depending on design requirement. Cooling ducts provided ensure uniform cooling of oil and limbs. The tank is pressure tested and its interior surface is coasted with anti-corrosive oil resistant varnish and exterior surface is coated with primer and two coats of weatherproof paint. Our Transformers are filled with insulation oil conforming to IS-335/1980.